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SEO and Social Media Marketing

SEO and social media marketing in Brighton - Without the smoke and mirrors

Let’s be honest, there are loads of SEO companies in Brighton. Too many of them fail to deliver. They promise you instant page 1 miracles… and then charge a fortune while you quietly drop down the Google rankings. 

Intelligently managed SEO doesn’t work like that. Taking your product or service as a starting point We Do Web builds relevant, high-authority backlinks that give your website status. At the same time, we provide website and social media content that engages your audience. It’s highly targeted, engaging, attention-grabbing, shareable and extremely linkable.

Google likes this. So does your potential customer. Here’s how it works:

  • We pinpoint the digital platforms where your potential customers hang out. Then we post content that gets you noticed.
  • That content gets shared. It also attracts links.
  • We build relationships with social influencers, sharing your content with them specifically.
  • Targeted content sharing leads to valuable backlinks from respected sources relevant to your industry.
  • Your website gains authority and rises up the rankings.

It could be video content, page slideshows, blogs, photos or well-targeted ads. It could be educational, knowledgeable, amusing, puzzling… even controversial. It’s all about content that interests your customer and builds a relationship.

Just tell us about your business and we’ll create an SEO strategy that fits it perfectly.

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