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Branding – Speaking clearly without words

Big business spends millions on branding. It’s not surprising. Those familiar shapes and colours broadcast trustworthiness and quality loud and clear. Without using a single word.

But actually, branding doesn’t have to be expensive. Or just for the big boys. We specialise in affordable branding for small business in Brighton and Hove. If your current branding is looking a bit tired and needs an update, or you want to start afresh, we can help.   

Our brand designer will create a unique mix of form, function and colour that instantly communicates what your business does, its distinctive value and its personality. And you won’t need a big business budget.  

Here are some of the things that effective branding can do:

  • Within less than a second, customers instinctively understand what your business offers.
  • It can communicate any message you choose, including quality and value.
  • Your customer is provided with reassurance that you are an established, trustworthy business.
  • It can make your business appear bigger than it actually is.

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